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We are constantly looking for way to provide organizations with ways to better understand and reduce their carbon footprints. Please consult this section often to see or latest promotions and special offers. Do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas for new promotions or if you would like to partner with us in future campaigns. 

Carbon Footprinting for Small Businesses

Free carbon footprint calculationAs part of our mission to promote awareness in the area of carbon emissions we are currently offering small businesses of less than 100 employees the opportunity to complete a free carbon footprint evaluation.

Your free carbon footprint report includes:

  • Establishment of organizational and operational GHG boundaries
  • Explanation of carbon emissions evaluation methodology and applicable calculation methods
  • Evaluation of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 carbon emissions
  • Emission reduction tips and recommendations for GHG reduction
  • Estimate of carbon offset cost required to achieve carbon neutral status

To take advantage of this limited time offer please contact us and mention the Small Business Carbon Footprint promotion (contact us).

Green Building and Commercial Office Leasing

Building carbon footprint calculationLandlords are increasingly confronted with tenants that are seeking greener office space that integrates  energy and water efficiency, reduce emissions and minimize waste generation. More importantly landlords with greener buildings have been able to secure higher leasing rates and enjoy high occupancy rates.

For landlords that are interested in better understanding the green profile of their building we are currently a  free energy efficiency and carbon footprint evaluation that  includes:

  • Evaluation of energy consumption of a single or multiple building portfolio
  • Evaluation of water consumptions across your building portfolio
  • Calculation of a performance ranking that allows you to compare your building versus the national average benchmark
  • Identification of energy efficiency improvement opportunities
  • Evaluation of carbon footprint

To take advantage of this limited time offer please contact us and mention the Landlord Green Building promotion (contact us).


Get your free carbon footprint report : Free carbon footprint evaluation for small businesses of less than 100 employees, Free carbon footprint evaluation and emission reduction tips for your business conferences